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Malamado - Malbec



This golden and aromatic fortified wine is wine made entirely of Viognier grapes.

Serving temperature: between 7° and 9°C. 

Viognier grapes are left on the vine to concentrate the characteristics of the varietal before the grapes are fermented. Then, classic winemaking techniques are carried out including pumping over, délestage, and pigéage. Cold maceration, pressing, and fermentation take place. Fermentation finishes when the grape must contains 100 grams of sugar per litre. Finally, the wine is fortified with grape alcohol to 19.5% and it is aged for a year in French oak barrels.

This wine has a yellow-golden colour and great legs with classic Vognier including a very aromatic bouquet of flowers, ripe fruit, dried fruit, and fruit compote. It is unctuous on the palate with a juicy mid-palate and a long and complex finish.

This wine is an excellent match for citrus desserts, nuts, cheeses with mushroom crusts, and foie gras.

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Malamado is for anyone looking for a unique and creative way to craft dramatic and delicious cocktails that will surprise and delight friends and family.